Leadership Craft is focused on serving people like you who want to become better leaders.  Two things distinguish Leadership Craft from the 174,312 other blogs that talk about leadership:

1.  I consider leadership a craft which requires dedicated pursuit.  The apprentice model (instruction + practice + associating with other craftsmen) is the time-tested way to foster the next generation of leaders. Real leaders never stop working on their craft; there are only new levels of mastery ahead.

2. I provide an overall framework to guide a leaders’ development that’s much more comprehensive than what shows up in the curriculum for a typical leadership training course.  I unabashedly believe that God must be a part of that framework.  I also believe you must weave in your unique strengths and talents.

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My Biography

I’ve been working on leadership craft for most of my 51 years. I grew up in New England, West Virginia.  Boy Scouts was a great influence on me (I became an Eagle Scout).  I earned a B.S. in Biochemistry and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology. I’ve run a software company, worked for 20 years in a Fortune 100 company, and managed many people and projects. I’ve held multiple lay leadership roles in our church.

I strive to aborb a lot of information and pass along the best to others. I aim to read 2 or 3 books a week, and most weeks I hit that goal.  My friends and colleagues will confirm that I have a passion for learning and can’t help but teach.

I’m passionate about encouraging others and investing in people. I love finding ways to apply information and practices from one discipline to other. I’ve provided coaching to leaders in multiple churches and small businesses, as well as with my coworkers.

In addition to Leadership Craft I’ve written a number of other books, including Teach the Bible to Change Lives, and What Fathers Should Teach Their Sons.  Check out my author page at Amazon.

I live in Johnston, Iowa with my fabulous wife, and enjoy my two adult children.

My Contact Information

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Web site details

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