Why You Need An Independent Financial Advisor

How do you handle your finances? Managing our finances is 1 of the hardest things to do. You may perhaps or could not realize it but it definitely is. 1 reason for this is we don’t know the best way to invest our money well. We just wish to grab whatever we see is excellent […]

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Shield your Internet Merchant Accounts On the web

On the net sales are made more reliable currently due to reliable payment processing solution providers which offers to safeguard internet merchant accounts with assorted safety features to counteract fraud. It is normal today for individuals to discover merchants over the internet. In fact, paying for several merchandise on the web is just another method […]

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Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing Made Easy

Due to the failing economy and the credit crisis that is now happening, banking loan officers have had to keep a tighter watch on who the allow to qualify for loans. In most cases, a less than perfect credit score can mean that a person is not able to obtain a loan. There are some […]

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people and phone

Meeting Interruptus is a Respect for People Issue

Recognize these meeting behaviors? Half-listening at best on a teleconference, while you’re working away on email and checking something else Looking around at the people in the room and practically everyone is checking their smart phones Travel to a location to be in meetings, only to find that people aren’t fully engaged with you — […]

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You Better

How to Get to “You Better” from “You Now”

The only reason you’re reading this is because you know that you have to get better to accomplish your dreams and ambitions.  You won’t be satisfied with the status quo.  You know that YOU are the limiting factor in getting to your desired future. I’m going to give you a roadmap.  We’ll start with three […]

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Battle Against the Inner Voices

Are Your Winning the Battle Against the Inner Voices?

How are you doing battling the the inner voices?  You know, those little voices that play in your head at weird times and distract you.  The ones that you hope no one else ever hears, because it would be *horrible awful dreadful unimaginably bad you might need therapy* if anyone heard them.  They’d know that […]

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The Two Most Valuable Types of Diversity

Not all elements of diversity are inherently good and provide value to an organization. In our politically correct world “diversity” is usually measured by gender, age, race or skin color, ethnicity, physical handicaps, and most recently, sexual orientation.   Decades ago people might have thought about religion as a diversity element, but that’s rarely discussed today. […]

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Use Your Imagination to Build Emotional Courage

Most growth opportunities require emotional courage — the ability to boldly move forward in the face of difficult situations.  Emotional courage comes from experience. Your body is actually powerfully wired into your imagination.  As you imagine a scenario your body begins to react just as if it were actually happening — blood pressure, heart rate, […]

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Leadership Macro and Micro-Measures

Adollar is a dollar is a dollar, but the context is what matters when you need to decide what to buy. Math is inexorable, and there are right and wrong answers to math problems.  Leadership and management decisions require thinking in terms of context, not pure math. Your objective: Develop a series of small/medium/large measures […]

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Don’t Jump Out of the Crucible

Difficult situations act like crucibles – the container that holds all the heat and pressure that transforms what goes in into something far more valuable coming out. Our natural, immediate temptation when put into a crucible situation is to escape.  We want to jump out. Don’t. Muscles get bigger and stronger when they are first […]

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