We Need Issacharian Leaders

David has his mighty men and attracted many skilled men to his camp.  Most were great warriors but David also had the benefit of the men of Issachar: “Of Issachar, men who had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do, 200 chiefs, and all their kinsmen under their command.” (1 Chronicles […]

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Leadership Insight from Biological Systems

Savvy leaders should apply two peculiar attributes of healthy biological systems to managing organizations and project work: There is a very high level of communication and feedback loops. No part of the system operates at more than 80% of maximum throughput. Let’s explore these in more detail, and then review how to factor these into […]

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Extreme Ownership

Extreme Ownership — recommended book

Extreme Ownership is one of the top five leadership books I’ve read since 1993. I recommended this book to a pacifist friend of mine – not to persuade him to change his views on military and violence, but because they address the courage/tenacity/clarity issues that he faces in his organization. I first heard Jocko Willink speak […]

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Boost Your Productivity

Boost Your Productivity with a 6 Week Plan

Many of  us are required to have a yearly plan (which most of us treat as a pro forma exercise). Many people use a daily or weekly list. I recommend you create a 6 week plan. This is a powerful intermediate zone. Simply list out the deliverables you want to finish in the next 6 weeks. Note […]

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Virtual Reality

Thinking Wisely about Augmented and Virtual Reality

Leaders think about the possible future to anticipate opportunities and consider how to mitigate risks. The fundamental premise of Augmented Reality (AR) is that you’ll wear special glasses or contact lens which overlay digital information on the real world.  Look at an object and information about that will appear.  Look at a person and through […]

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