The 10 most exciting games for company

Have a good time with a fun group of friends by having an unusual championship. Games are important not only for the little ones, but also for adults, because they can bring us together even more strongly. It’s also a great way to help new buddies fit in, rather than standing alone against a wall all night.

We have selected a number of popular party games that will allow you to have a good time. In our article you will find a variety of activities that train your mind and develop your body flexibility. So, have fun with the following games…


When it comes to games for large groups of people, many people think of Mafia, which has conquered the world and won many fans. To play an intellectual detective you need a deck of special cards that can be purchased online or draw your own. You can also create your own card patterns and have them printed by any publisher. If the above options are not suitable, take the most common cards and agree with friends, which role you give them. For example: the spades are the Mafia, the ace of spades is the Mafia Boss, the jack of hearts is the Doctor, the king of hearts is the Commissioner and so on. It’s advisable to wear masks or blindfolds as soon as the town has fallen asleep to prevent players from peeping on each other.


Twister is a fun game that makes you laugh at your friends’ awkward postures and gives you a workout as you flex your arms and legs to reach for the colourful circles and try to keep your balance.

“Truth or Dare”/”Truth or Action”

One of the most popular youth activities abroad is the game “question or dare”. You can use pointers (such as a bottle) or pass the turn clockwise to determine the players’ turn.

“Crime scene”

A clever and imaginative detective quiz is a variation on the popular game ‘Dunkin’.

“Who am I?”

This game has many names and you are probably familiar with it. It became particularly popular after the release of the film Inglourious Basterds.

“The Black Box”

“The Black Box is a variation of the game “What? Where? When?”, where a black box is used instead of the classic black box. The peculiarity of the game is that all questions and answers are somewhat frivolous: they are related to sex, drinking, etc. You wouldn’t hear such questions in the TV version.

The keeper of the secret

This quiz allows you to test your erudition and compete in speed of thinking.

“Crocodile” with a “striptease” set-up

You are probably all familiar with the game ‘Crocodile’, in which one participant silently shows the hidden word to a group of guessing players. In Crocodile, the rules are slightly different.

“Find your way out of the room”.

Find-your-way-out quests have become one of the hottest things to do. In almost every city, there are questrooms where (for a modest and not-so-modest fee) they put on a show for you.


“Litreball” is a grown-up game of “who can out-drink who”. Historians argue that its various counterparts have existed for centuries in every corner of the world. Willing to measure their ability to out-drink their rival appeared as soon as mankind invented alcoholic beverages. It is said that the ancient Greeks and Peter the Great were particularly fond of such games. The so called “Drunken Checkers” are popular in CIS countries where instead of white and black checkers they use shot glasses with vodka and cognac or glasses with light and dark beer. Once you have eaten your opponent’s checker you must drink the contents of the shot and remove it from the board. More advanced players prefer ‘Drunken Chess’. For the game, silhouettes of chess pieces are drawn on the shot glasses with a marker.